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Alexandre David is a Canadian artist based in Montreal. He graduated with a MFA from University College London, London, United Kingdom in 1990. His work in sculpture often relates to architecture. As early as 2002, He had a solo show in Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal. David's work has been shown in museums and galleries across Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and France including G Gallery, Toronto; HUB, Nantes, Frances; La Triennale québécoise 2011; Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art; and participated in Donkey Pavillon project Shangaî, China and Sidney in 2010. His most recent public art is: les éléments: 5 installations integrated in downtown Montreal in the project Promenade urbaine Fleuve Montagne, 2016/17. He has won numerous art grants in Canada. David is represented by the Parisian Laundry Gallery in Montreal.

Alexandre David

Exhibiting Work


Alexandre David’s site-specific plywood sculptures, installations and interventions in public spaces lie in between architecture and sculpture, private and public, inside and outside, physical experience and mental representation, the functional and the useless. Through their structural simplicity, often revolving around a vocabulary of ramps, passages, doorways, tables, and benches, his pieces are explorations of the form and function of the built environment and are grounded in the relationship between visual experience and use. There is a familiarity, both in the materials and in the forms, which incites physical engagement and active participation. In Suzhou project, David will create an interactive platform which is a stage that has both the quality of a public place and that of a dock. It is a public structure that can be used by anyone, and that can have multiple uses. The stage will be built on the waterfront, with a dividing wall curved on one side only. One side of the stage will face the water and the other will be oriented the other way, with different possible uses on each side, at different times or simultaneously. As referring to Henri Lefebvre, David’s work aims at inspiring people find charm in the functionality practical in both a matter-of-fact and imaginative way in daily life. 

Alexandre David, Here We Are, site-specific plywood sculpture & installation, 2016

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